Monday, September 7, 2009

Joseph Days Parade

The last part of July I, my son Bryan, and my grandson Zach took of for Joseph Oregon to participate in the Joseph Days Parade as the guest of a friend of mine who was a member of our club before he moved to Joseph.
This is the welcome you receive when you drive in to town.
These fine people were our hosts for the weekend, Denny and Linda Kehl

This is Denny's car that will be in the parade also.

He had the still installed in the car to appear as a rum runner of prohibition days.

The idea was for me to chase and arrest him.

Here you can see my deputy is about to give them a ticket.

But as you can see the rum runner's buddy is trying to bribe the deputy.

Our little skit in the parade won us a blue ribbon for first place.

I also found a great little fixer upper all ready for restoration.

See you next time with another exciting chapter in the life of The Ye Olde Car Club