Thursday, October 29, 2009

Here we are, doing what we do best at parades, waiting. It gave us time to inspect Richard Kuch's newly restored 55 Chevy. What a beautiful car.
We even had our own queen in the parade. Click on picture to read the banner she is wearing.

Here is a Boattail to give Jack some competition. It is owned by a new member of our club, Jim Sterling, Owner of Sterlings restaurant in Kennewick

Pleasant surprise, Audrey showed up with her Packard. No that's not her standing by the car, don't know who they are, but they are cute.

After the parade we all went over to Frank and Lindell Smith's for a picnic. It looks like our Queen is hitting the bottle a little hard.

This picture is out of sequence. It is a line up of the cars at the parade. click to enlarge and see how many cars you can identify.

I am holding the award plaque for First place that the club won in the parade.

And last but not least here are the Queen's court,
Janice Underwood, Theora Williams, and Lorraine Williams.

That's all folks, until next time!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

On the 14 of Aug we took our cars to The Manor at Canyon lakes. We had a very good showing i think there were 13 cars from our Club
This is one of the better retirement homes in the Tri-Cities. They fed us quite well for our effort. Salads, corn bread, hot dogs, German sausage, cookies, Ice cream, soft drinks and coffee. And beer too, I think.

We had live entertaiment and dancing.

And, I think , alittle "hanky panky". Would you believe that between the two of them they have had 184 Birthdays

Ed Edwards won the door prize. It was a bucket full of beer and chocolate covered chuckar cherries.
For more pictures, see slide show on side bar.

Cool Chevy, called the "Model 789"

Creative Blog award

Congradulations to us. We have been given a "Creative Blog Award" by another blogger, "Miss Peach"

Friday, October 16, 2009

Trip to Grandview for car show

Here is part of our line up at the Grandview Car Show. Jim Ayers came in his "Vette", Jim Vetrano drove his Studebaker, Phil Prather and Dick Johanson brought their Model "A"s, Roy Holmes came in His GMC P/U, new member Bob Heaton Showed off his 64 Buick, and last but not least I came in my 41 Ford Cruiser.
Here is a better picture of Jim's Studebaker and Dick and Phil's Model "A"s.

This is new member Bob Heaton's 64 Buick, really sharp.

Here is one of the Award winners. I think we upset some of the locals when we went home with three of the trophies.

The three awards that were won were Me for best in 40's, Phil for best in 20's, and Dick for best in 30's. What a group, the Three Amigos