Friday, February 12, 2010

Speaking of new cars

Ron Smith is a new member of our club and he just bought this car and these are his plans for it

I purchased this 1936 Dodge D2 from a fellow in Colville, Washington the weekend before Thanksgiving. We hauled it home the following Wednesday.

I happened to find it while chasing a rumored '37 Ford pickup. The pickup was a wasted trip, too far gone for restoring, but this was sitting in an adjacent shed. The wife actually liked it, which was unusual, most of my ideal finds are "Ugly" and a source of comment.
The motor, transmission and running gear were all there, but had not been run in years. We drained the oil, flushed the system, installed a new water pump, distributor cap, points, plugs, condenser, rebuilt the carburetor, installed a new master cylinder and got it running.We need to find a new carburetor, but it runs well, smooth and no problems other than acceleration, all carb problems.

The tires are toast, weathered but available from Les Schwab, and will be put on prior to summer.We will need to rewire the complete car, whoever tried restoring it before had clipped all wires close to the lights and engine. The only body work to be done, is to reseal the top, this was the first year that had metal roof, and not a soft top, and the metal is inserted into the original soft top opening this year, needless to say, it leaks pretty good right now, but once fixed, will look good. There were creases in the grilles guard where it had been backed into, but those were taken care of by the body man.I have located working headlights, the taillights are complete and only need wired in. We have new glass and gaskets, and will be repairing the drivers door, which had been disassembled for some reason, but is all there. Lubrication seems all needed for the regulators, and all hardware is in the car. The windshield is frozen in place, so we will have to work on getting it loose and fixed so opens properly.

My plans are to have it to Larry to remove the headliner by February, fix the roof leaks, and then install the glass and seals, so Larry can redo the interior. We will do all bodywork this spring or sooner, but only prime the repaired spots, so we can enjoy the car this summer for functions with the club, then paint it over the winter.

Looks like he has his hands full for now. If you want to help call him.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We have a friend

My little Ford was very excited the other day because we thought we were going to have a playmate in the form of an other 1941 Ford. She looks to be in pretty good shape.

She's not really, she need quite a bit of TLC.

But guess what, Jack Yale, the owner, isn't going to let us play, he is going to lock her up and hide her away because some one told him she is worth more money if she is kept original.

How dumb is that!!

Oh well so our love will be unrequited.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Transmission update

Some of you might remember some of the early Volkswagen commercials back in the mid to late 50's. They were very simple. One of my favorites was a very simple one extolling the abilities of the bug. Here is my version of that commercial in the form of an update on the work on my Ford. Don't forget to turn on your speakers.