Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wednesday Update

Update on Vern
The operation went well and he is on the mend. He is, however haveing some problems with the medication. He is walking some, but not enough. Probably won't be home this week.
He is at Sacred Heart in Spokane in room 618 . Martha's phone is 539-4753
Here is something you car buffs probably didn't know.
The 3 Goldberg brothers, Norman, Hiram, and Maxwell invented and developed the first automobile air-conditioner. Didn't know that, did Ya ? On July 17th, 1946, the temperature in Detroit was 97º. The 3 brothers walked into old man Henry Ford's office and sweet-talked his secretary in to telling him that 3 gentlemen were there with the most exciting innovation in the auto industry since the electric starter. Henry was curious and invited them into his office. They refused and instead asked that he come out to the parking lot to their car. They persuaded him to get into the car which was about 130º F then turned on the air-conditioner and cooled the car off immediately. The old man got very excited and invited them back to the office, where he offered them 3 million dollars for the patent. The brothers refused, saying they would settle for 2 million but they wanted the recognition by having a label 'The Goldberg Air-Conditioner' on the dashboard of each car that it was installed in. Now old man Ford did not like anything but a Ford name on his cars, and there was no way he was going to put the Goldberg’s name on 2 million Ford cars. They haggled back and forth for about 2 hours and finally agreed on 4 million dollars with the agreement that just their first names would be shown. And so, even today, all Ford air-conditioners show on the controls, the names 'Norm, Hi, & Max'. There, now Ya know it. Ha Ha

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Vern's on the mend.

Great news! Vern made it through his 5 bypass heart surgery. He is already giving the staff a hard time. He went to Spokane on Saturday (I think) and was operated on Monday night. The operation took a long time because the couldn't find a heart. I always suspected he didn't have one. But they finally found one (albeit a small one).
HA! You can't keep me here, I'v got friends in Tri-cities that will come and bust me out!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pizza Party / Meeting

Had a great party / meeting. There was food so we had a great turnout.
Myrtle Nesbit donated Ken's jacket and Bob Rupp's son (Bill) Will now be wearing it.
Bob Rupp donated Alice's Jacket and now Mary Frazier will be wearing it.
Bob McClary had to be restrained. He was trying to steal the door prizes.

Martha put together a game to help us to get to know each other and what we do in the club.

The idea was she handed out sheets of paper with questions like how is the oldest, who drives a blue car, who has been in the club the longest, who is treasurer, Blog editor, President etc....
the first to complete wins Bill Rupp was the winner.

We talked more about upcoming events, more on them as the time draws near. The main thing that was stressed is that, if you are planning on going to Joseph for the show in June, You need to make reservations soon.
Now for a little magic preformed by the one and only "VERNAL"

Jack Yale took this next video, poor guy, it looks like he got caught in an earth quake or had a little too much to drink.


Martha also passed out a sign up sheet for those of us that need jackets or name tags. If you didn't sign up and need either, please call Martha @ 582-7530

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday breakfast update

First things first. Tomorrow night (the 17th) is the pizza party at Roundtable Pizza on Gage and Leslie. Party starts at 6pm, be there.

Next our annual chocolate fest will be held this year on Friday, February 15th at Ginger and Jims (45125 W. Yellowstone, Kennewick). All you need to bring is chocolate. They will supply everything else. If chocolate is really not your thing come anyway and bring something else (Jim says a cherry pie would be nice). Ginger promises a few parlor games with prizes to liven up the evening. At the end of the fest people are invited to take home a sampling of the left over goodies (plates and foil provided). See you there.

We need to start thinking seriously about the trip to Joseph, Or. for the car show on the 14th of June. This is a big show with over 300 cars so the hotels fill up fast. the one we recommend is the Ponderosa (phone # 1-503-426-3168). There will be a potluck at noon and some garage tours in addition to the car show. More details will be forthcoming. There is also a bed and breakfast that is pretty cool and I will get more information on that later.

We had good turnout for breakfast this morning, check out the video.

Come and join us, if for no other reason than to say Hi to our waitress,Jenny.

Cute huh!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Help to identify a car.

I bought this car on e-bay sight unseen (it was a great deal), but not only can I not figure out what kind of a car it is, I don't know if I am coming or going. Can any one help?

The slide show has changed as you can see, to view slide shows of past trips look on the side bar.

Please feel free to leave a comment. It tells me someone is enjoying the blog as much as I am.

Be sure to sign it so I know who you are.

Here are some product nomes from the past see how many you can remember. Jack is not required to participate because he is suffering from CRS.

Older Than Dirt Quiz: Count all the ones that you remember, NOT the ones you were told about ! Your ratings at the bottom.

1. Blackjack chewing gum

2. Wax Coke-shaped bottles with colored sugar water

3. Candy cigarettes

4. Soda pop machines that dispensed glass bottles

5. Coffee shops or diners with tableside juke boxes

6 Home milk delivery in glass bottles with cardboard stoppers

7. Party lines

8. Newsreels before the movie

9. P.F. Flyers

10. Butch wax

11. Telephone numbers with a word prefix (OLive-6933)

12. Peashooters

13. Howdy Doody

14. 45 RPM records

15. S&H Green Stamps

16 Hi-fi's

17. Metal ice trays with lever

18. Mimeograph paper

19 Blue flashbulb

20. Packards

21. Roller skate keys

22. Cork popguns

23. Drive-ins

24. Studebakers

25. Wash tub wringers

If you remembered 0-5 = You're still youngIf you remembered 6-10 = You are getting olderIf you remembered 11-15 = Don't tell your age,If you remembered 16-25 = You're older than dirt !I might be older than dirt but those memories are the best part of my life.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Welcome to a new year.

Say hello to our new President.

We are looking forward to a busy year under the guidance of our new President, Martha Shreve.

The first upcoming event is a pizza party at the Round Table pizza at the corner of Gage and Leslie. Then in mid February is the Chocolate Extravaganza at Jim & Ginger Vetrano's. The exact date is unknown, but will be supplied later. In early June we will be going to Joesph Oregon for a car show. I will give you more information as time progresses. This is a great trip, try not to miss it. You know these short one or two trips are great, but the circle trips (usually six or seven days) are lot more fun. The slide show above is of a circle tour we took to Moab Utah a couple years ago. You should have been there. Something we should be doing more of is coming to the Wednesday breakfasts at the Hut restaurant in Pasco. We gather at about 8an give or take. The Hut is at 605 No 27th in Pasco. Bring a friend, he (or she) doesn't need to own an old car, just bring him any way, the more the merrier

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


new year 2008
We didn't really have a New Year's Eve party this year, however this is what I think it would have looked like if we did.

Our host (that's Bob on the far left) looks like he has had enough party and is ready for bed.

There is our host be fore he had any thing to drink.

It is a good thing that we had designated drivers. This poor fellow can't even figure out how to get in to his car.

P.S. To the person who posted a comment on the Christmas Card post,thanks ,however you didn't leave a name so I don't know who to buy the tea for. You will have to settle for a virtual cup of tea.

Next time leave a name please.