Monday, November 9, 2009

I think we ,or should i say the McClarys, got in over their head this time. we put together a little garage tour with the Model A club and invited every one to the McClarys for breakfast. I stopped counting at 34, and that didn't count spouses. But Delores got them all fed.

The street was a little crowded with old cars by the time every one showed up.

I don't know about other clubs, but with ours, when there is free food there is always a very good turn out.

I think if one more person showed up they would have had to eat in the bathroom.

Our first stop was at Jim Stafford's He has some really neat cars as you can see. the one I really like is the woodie pictured below.

Jim has a lot old cars and signs and tools and "junk, plenty to look at.

His fascination seems to lie in early 30's trucks.

I don't think these roses among thorns belong here.

Our next stop was at Dave Underwood's garage.
Dave is into Packards primarily, like this some what rare coupe pictured below that is very restorable and if I am not mistaken for sale, but he has others also

This is my favorite. I think it is a 32 dual cowl Packard.

Well no we are off tho garage if one of the Model "A" members, Bill Schaeppi.

That is going to be one good looking 31 model a coupe. But, what is with the clean and organized garage. Check out the floor , you can see your face in it
But he is doing a great job with this restoration.

This little truck is a work in progress for another person who gives most of us an inferiority complex by keeping his garage so clean. SO CUT IT OUT!
This is Dean Hinkson's 31 "A" PU.
Next we went to Pete Jackson's for a little presentation put on by John Trumbo about restoration techniques. We also had our lunch catered by the McClary's again. GREAT JOB BOB AND DELORES! Last but not least, we stopped at John Trumbo's to see his work in progress.

well that wasn't really our last stop, We went next door to Jack Yale's but by then I had run out of batteries and energy. I will take you and a private tour of Jack's garage at some later date.

More pictures of this tour can be seen in the slide show on the side bar.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We went to Bickelton

Bickelton is a pretty Small town. it is known for it's large number of Blue bird bird houses and the now defunct hoop-n-holler museum, but for a small town just look at number of cars that showed up for the car show. Speaking of blue birds,the fellow that rode down with me was showing us all of the bird houses along the road, then he pointed out a burnt post and said that the birds must have been smoking in bed.
Some of the PT Cruiser people really got into spirit of the show.

They had a really cool carousel museum

And a pioneer setting in the building.

My Grandson, "Cole", really enjoyed the barbed wire display.

Here is another of the PT Cruiser people with
a very extensive Garfield collection.

Have you ever seen so many Garfield dolls and stuff?

I took this picture for a buddy in the club that has a truck like this.

A of course we had to come home with a couple of awards.One went to Pete Jackson and his Model "A". The other went to Jack Jale and his 40 Merc. Pte's is on the left and Jack's is on the right next to my cop car.

For more pictures see the slide show on the side bar.