Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Party 2007

Well the party was held at Tony Roma's restaurant in Kennewick. We had a pretty good turnout, so much so that we had to bring in more tables. Just goes to show you that if there is food there will be people there that we don't even know.

The food was great and the service was better than I expected. What made it even better was the fact that Ed Edwards went around passing out $5 to every one. I think he was trying to buy votes since we were electing officers that night. It seemed strange because he was running unchallenged. Maybe he wanted us not to vote for him. I don't think Odeta believes it is real.

Myrtle Nesbit showed up , which was a pleasant surprise.

The gift exchange went well with a minimum of blood shed. There was a battle or two over some boxes of chocolates, and in second place was the battle over some mini compressors. But I've got to tell you I am sure the fighters were the people that showed up that we didn't know, because none of our club members would act like that.

No sir ree!
Poor Jack is still trying to figure out , Am I supposed to give this gift or take it?

The elections went well. Martha Sheve is our new president

Bob Rupp is Vice Prez Jim Vetrano is Secretary

Ed Edwards is the Treasurer

John Nelson and Jack Yale

Are new board members.

That's all folks

Oh wait I forgot something. Just a comment I wanted to make about how reserved this party was compared to the one we had in 2000.

Check this out!

Now that was a party to remember!

That's all Folks!

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