Monday, March 10, 2008

A Mechanics Dream

What would you think, or how would feel if you saw this in your oil pan.
Click the picture to make it bigger so you can see more clearly.

Here is shot of the bearing cap. Do YOU see a bearing or babbet?

How do you think your mechanic feels about your problem?

better than you I bet.

Does he look like he is going to be fair with you?
So much for tomfoolery(does any one remember that word). That is Martha's "1925" Hupmobile that Jack has been working on and it appears that the babbet is completely gone, but it does not appear that there was any damage dome to the crank. She should be back on the road soon.
Next topic. At our last breakfast we talked about going to Hepner Or, for the Irish Days Celebration. I didn't go the last time, but was told that the people that did go had a great time.
I'm going to try to go this time and drive my new old car. Sure hope it makes it.
Please try to come too, the more the merrier, Bring an old car, new car, or ride with someone.

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