Saturday, November 8, 2008

I Don't know how many people who read this blog know where Richland Washington is or what it is famous for. Well we are located in a desert in the south east corner of the state and our fame comes from having a nuclear site that was involved in the Manhattan Project, By following the link you will learn more about us. Now the reason I mention that is so you might better understand why the oldest cemetery in Richland puts on this little celebration each year,I say little, however this year we had 650 visitors.

Looks like there is a funeral taking place right now. Or this could be a picture taken 60+ years ago. Actually it is our car club members attending the annual celebration I told you about.

The lady in the rocker is an actor who is portraying a passed on member of one of the families buried here. She is telling of the life and history of her family to a crowd of school kids from the area

These are the actors that help put on the celebration.

We were invited to bring our cars to add some reality to the celebration.

The two Model "A"s belong to Ed Edwards in the front and Pete & Grace Jackson in the back.

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