Friday, October 16, 2009

Trip to Grandview for car show

Here is part of our line up at the Grandview Car Show. Jim Ayers came in his "Vette", Jim Vetrano drove his Studebaker, Phil Prather and Dick Johanson brought their Model "A"s, Roy Holmes came in His GMC P/U, new member Bob Heaton Showed off his 64 Buick, and last but not least I came in my 41 Ford Cruiser.
Here is a better picture of Jim's Studebaker and Dick and Phil's Model "A"s.

This is new member Bob Heaton's 64 Buick, really sharp.

Here is one of the Award winners. I think we upset some of the locals when we went home with three of the trophies.

The three awards that were won were Me for best in 40's, Phil for best in 20's, and Dick for best in 30's. What a group, the Three Amigos

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