Sunday, November 25, 2007

Apple squeezing at Vern and Martha's

Well even though it was very cold on Saturday morning we had a very good turnout for the Shreve's apple squeezing. They had 800 pounds of apples. I don't know how many jars of cider, juice,and sauce the ended up with because I left about 1pm. Of course the press was represented by the presence of editor, reporter, printer, photographer, copy man, and layout man, our own lovable Dennis.And as any kingdom has their king, We have our own King in the form of Vernal at ease on his throne.Here are some of his subjects hard at work.

This is quite the little gadget that Vern made to crush, peal, and squeeze the apples,and it really works. Check out the video at the end of this post.Does anyone think this grumpy old man was really any help?I'm not sure this fellow (Eldon Reiman's son Dale), with his hands in his pocket, was much help But it was good to have him there.