Monday, November 19, 2007


At the Veteran's day parade in West Richland we had a special guest show up. Popeye and his girl friend, Olive Oil AKA Dave and Paula Stands.

There were some other people that showed up, but I think they came just to eat the Spudnuts that Ed Edwards brought and to drink Bob McClary's coffee. In attendance were several dignitaries such as Jack Yale, Ed Edwards, Joe Kuhns. Denny Jackson,Vern and Martha Shreve, Russ Armstrong and his niece,and last but not least, Bob and Delores McClary.

At Wednesday's breakfast meeting we got an update from Fred Wattenberger about the progress of the museum, not much is new. We were also informed that the Apple squeezing at Vern and Martha's has been moved from Friday to Saturday the 23rd.

Don't forget to led Roy know if you are going to attend the Christmas Party and how many.

It was also decided to accept a proposal presented by Dennis Jackson as to what it would cost to go back to printing our newsletter in color. if we agree, he has offered to publish the newsletter for one year. At the end of the year if we are satisfied we can renew his contract. More on that later

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