Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday breakfast update

First things first. Tomorrow night (the 17th) is the pizza party at Roundtable Pizza on Gage and Leslie. Party starts at 6pm, be there.

Next our annual chocolate fest will be held this year on Friday, February 15th at Ginger and Jims (45125 W. Yellowstone, Kennewick). All you need to bring is chocolate. They will supply everything else. If chocolate is really not your thing come anyway and bring something else (Jim says a cherry pie would be nice). Ginger promises a few parlor games with prizes to liven up the evening. At the end of the fest people are invited to take home a sampling of the left over goodies (plates and foil provided). See you there.

We need to start thinking seriously about the trip to Joseph, Or. for the car show on the 14th of June. This is a big show with over 300 cars so the hotels fill up fast. the one we recommend is the Ponderosa (phone # 1-503-426-3168). There will be a potluck at noon and some garage tours in addition to the car show. More details will be forthcoming. There is also a bed and breakfast that is pretty cool and I will get more information on that later.

We had good turnout for breakfast this morning, check out the video.

Come and join us, if for no other reason than to say Hi to our waitress,Jenny.

Cute huh!

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