Saturday, January 5, 2008

Welcome to a new year.

Say hello to our new President.

We are looking forward to a busy year under the guidance of our new President, Martha Shreve.

The first upcoming event is a pizza party at the Round Table pizza at the corner of Gage and Leslie. Then in mid February is the Chocolate Extravaganza at Jim & Ginger Vetrano's. The exact date is unknown, but will be supplied later. In early June we will be going to Joesph Oregon for a car show. I will give you more information as time progresses. This is a great trip, try not to miss it. You know these short one or two trips are great, but the circle trips (usually six or seven days) are lot more fun. The slide show above is of a circle tour we took to Moab Utah a couple years ago. You should have been there. Something we should be doing more of is coming to the Wednesday breakfasts at the Hut restaurant in Pasco. We gather at about 8an give or take. The Hut is at 605 No 27th in Pasco. Bring a friend, he (or she) doesn't need to own an old car, just bring him any way, the more the merrier

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