Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pizza Party / Meeting

Had a great party / meeting. There was food so we had a great turnout.
Myrtle Nesbit donated Ken's jacket and Bob Rupp's son (Bill) Will now be wearing it.
Bob Rupp donated Alice's Jacket and now Mary Frazier will be wearing it.
Bob McClary had to be restrained. He was trying to steal the door prizes.

Martha put together a game to help us to get to know each other and what we do in the club.

The idea was she handed out sheets of paper with questions like how is the oldest, who drives a blue car, who has been in the club the longest, who is treasurer, Blog editor, President etc....
the first to complete wins Bill Rupp was the winner.

We talked more about upcoming events, more on them as the time draws near. The main thing that was stressed is that, if you are planning on going to Joseph for the show in June, You need to make reservations soon.
Now for a little magic preformed by the one and only "VERNAL"

Jack Yale took this next video, poor guy, it looks like he got caught in an earth quake or had a little too much to drink.


Martha also passed out a sign up sheet for those of us that need jackets or name tags. If you didn't sign up and need either, please call Martha @ 582-7530

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ed edwards said...

"bill r. rupp " not john